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Custom Orthotics at Healthy Life Physio & Wellness Scarborough

At Healthy Life Physio & Wellness Scarborough, we understand the subtle mechanics of your feet as you walk or run. Just like a pendulum on a clock, your heel naturally swings from side to side with each step. However, if your heel swings too far, it may indicate overpronation, where your foot flattens excessively. This incorrect movement can lead to stress and weakening of specific foot areas, eventually resulting in discomfort when you walk.

Our solution is custom-made orthotics, which are specialized medical devices crafted to provide support and gently realign your feet, ensuring each step you take is pain-free. These orthotics are not the same as off-the-shelf shoe inserts you find in stores. Instead, they are meticulously designed from molds of your unique feet, tailored to address your individual needs.

What is custom orthotics?

Custom orthotics are tailor-made shoe or heel inserts designed to address various foot, leg, or back conditions. They can rectify foot deformities, enhance foot and ankle functionality, offer ankle support, and reduce the risk of injuries, among other benefits.

Constructed from comfortable and durable thermoplastic materials, they are built to last for years and can be seamlessly incorporated into various types of footwear, including dress shoes, athletic shoes, boots, and skates.

How are custom orthotics made?

Here at Healthy Life Physio & Wellness Scarborough, we employ cutting-edge technologies to ensure a precise and secure assessment of the optimal configuration for your custom orthotics. These advanced tools grant our experts a detailed view of your feet, enabling them to recommend the most suitable inserts for your specific needs. These custom-made inserts are versatile and can be comfortably worn with athletic shoes, high heels, formal dress shoes, diabetic footwear, and even skates or golf shoes.

Success Stories

Conditions that may benefit from custom orthotics:

  • Arthritis

  • Back pain

  • Bunions

  • Bursitis

  • Diabetes

  • Fat Pad Irritation

  • Flat feet

  • Hammer toes

  • Heel spurs

  • High arches

  • Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome

  • Metatarsalgia

  • Morton's Neuroma

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

  • Sports Injury

  • Shin Splints

  • Tendonitis

If you have positional concerns with their feet or legs, contact us today to learn more about how custom orthotics can help. This can include those with underdeveloped leg and foot muscles. Book an appointment today.

Do you direct bill for custom orthotics?

The majority of insurance plans typically cover custom orthotics, making them a convenient and accessible solution for addressing foot, leg, or back issues. It’s important to note that custom orthotics may be covered partially or fully by your employer’s insurance provider as per the policy. Also, some insurance providers require a requisition from a physiotherapist or physician to be able to reimburse the custom orthotics claim. For more information, please refer your policy or reach out to our front desk.